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Is Medium Censoring Cryptocurrency Related Content on its Platform?

June 20, 2018 17:18
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Medium.com, the online publishing platform and the most preferred amongst the crypto community for sharing information about cryptocurrency projects is believed to have started a silent crackdown on crypto related content. Following reworking of its rules and terms and conditions, Medium has suspended blog posts of a handful of cryptocurrency projects, as per reported by news.bitcoin.com.

Blockchain.io’s Medium page was temporarily suspended and when it was restored, its recent blog post discussing its airdrop now directs to a largely blank page that says “This page is unavailable.” Status, an Ethereum-based messaging platform also faced similar issues last week as it failed to publish a blog post on product update. Status through a blog post titled “Status, Medium, and Censorship” wrote on June 15th:

“Medium is currently one of the primary communication channels of the crypto sphere. Blockchain-based visionaries, both affiliated with projects and independent free-thinking technologists, have all made Medium a critical part of how they communicate. Recently, we attempted to publish a blog post announcing our latest Bug Bounty Program. The post was immediately suspended, followed by an automated email noting a general violation, without detailing any specifics, and a link to Medium’s recently updated policy regarding cryptocurrencies.”

The post was never successfully published even after making several revisions. “Though we had not violated any of these policies, we re-submitted several revisions that carefully edited out any potential trigger words, like “bounty”, “ETH,” and “SNT”.

Though the move to censor cryptocurrency related posts have not been officially confirmed by the publishing giant, but reasons for its decision is not completely backed with. In its set of rules, Medium has stated itself as a “free and open platform for anyone to write their views and opinions,”  but also states that it can remove content you post for any reason.

While all these issues related to censorship of cryptocurrency content surfaced past week only, but there might be cases when content got rejected and was not reported earlier. The update of Medium’s rules published in February and has completely overhauled the platform’s publishing policy.

And, this could be the beginning of the long process to control and police the cryptocurrency content that is being posted to its platform. If the move is confirmed, then it joins the league of other social media channels which has banned all sort of cryptocurrency and ICO publicity.

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