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The Human Factor in Airdrop Listing: An Exclusive Interview with Morten Christensen, AirdropAlert

February 11, 2019 13:34
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Like any novelty, airdrops were exciting in the crypto world when they started. Like any novelty, airdrops also became quickly messy to track when the dust settled. In 2017, AirdropAlert was started as the very first crypto airdrop aggregator with the goal of making sense out of all those airdrop noises. Since then, the aggregator went on an impressive growth trajectory, acquiring or partnering with like-minded businesses along the way.

In this exclusive interview with Crypto-News India, Morten Christensen, the founder of AirdropAlert, tells us how the company came to be, why AirdropAlert is important for the crypto-trading community, about the challenges involved in the process and about the team’s future plans. Read on.


So 7 months have passed since the launch of your platform. How successful has the journey been so far?

We launched AirdropAlert.com as the first website for crypto airdrops in June 2017, so in fact, we started 1 year and 7 months ago.

The concept of airdrops was unknown because there was no central point of information for users or projects. Due to the lack of information, this concept had never really taken off until we came around.

Airdrops went from innocent giveaways to a full-blown marketing strategy in a matter of months.

During the exponential growth of airdrops, we quickly scaled our team. That allowed us to start and acquire other businesses like BountiesAlert.com & Airdropster.com

We have several other exciting plans in the pipeline. We’re in the full growth mode and expanding our team even more, to accomplish the goals we have set out for AirdropAlert and the new platforms we will be releasing in 2019.

What is the process that you follow to verify the quality of any airdrop before listing it on your platform?

We have a team of 4 people who handle due diligence. We read the white paper, fact -check public information, verify the team and socials. Additionally, we KYC projects and note in our listing if the team has passed KYC or not.

Every airdrop is verified by at least two team members to make sure we reduce human factor in our process.

Core team of AirdropAlert.com
Core team of AirdropAlert.com

Why do you have a page for listing unverified airdrops? We’ve seen that you tell on the page itself that the airdrops mentioned there are unverified, and you also provide specific reasons behind rejection of every airdrop on that page. That’s all fair. But still the thing is… if you couldn’t verify the quality of any particular airdrop… what’s the point of listing it at all?

For transparency to our users. We like them to know why some airdrops aren’t listed on the main pages.

If the users don’t worry about our due diligence team’s reasons and just want free tokens, they can find the airdrop on the Internet themselves.

If we do not list the unverified airdrop, a user might join these airdrops without knowing the risks involved.

Additionally, we’ve received numerous emails from our users asking why certain airdrops were not listed. So we decided to develop the separate page, so everyone could look up unverified airdrops themselves.

Besides, this way the users will know we didn’t miss the airdrop, it just didn’t reach our listing qualifications.

Since we do not want to link users to a project that we deem unverified, the unverified airdrops do not have a link to the source.

Approximately how many new airdrops get added to your platform everyday?

We’ve listed over 2000 airdrops in total. That would mean between 2-4 airdrops per day.

Fun fact is that we’ve rejected more airdrops than we’ve listed. It’s just that earlier we haven’t had the unverified airdrops displayed.

For the airdrops that are verified by your team, does there still remain any chance for some of them to later turn out as scams? 

We verify the projects in very early stages. It is possible they make wrong decisions or change their plans in a later stage.

Scams are also becoming more sophisticated.

Recently, there was a full team with relevant LinkedIn pages and references, however it turned out, each person on the team was recently deceased. An ICO from the grave, so to speak.

We spotted it before listing, but it was a tough one to find out!

We constantly sharpen our due diligence and create partnerships with companies that are also striving towards the same goals as AirdropAlert.

If any of the verified airdrops listed on your platform turns out to be a scam, what will you do?

When there is immediate danger for our users, we will alert them!

But what is a scam? If a project conducts an airdrop but fails raising funds, and the team decides to quit, what is our responsibility, then?

These are questions our team deals with on a regular basis. Our goal is to protect our users and that’s the exact reason why we are stricter with airdrop listings than other platforms.

Can you please tell us about any new features that you’re working on?

We released the first Airdrop dashboard in Q4 2018 for a more convenient way to collect and track airdrops. Users can check their token balance of their Ethereum wallets with a simple click and they can trade airdropped tokens right from our dashboard, because of our partnership with DDEX.

We are constantly looking for improvements and will add more features during the year.

We’ve added the message function recently below each airdrop, so users can share their thoughts.

This seems to be a popular feature and we are looking to build on top of that.

Users enjoy commenting on projects and airdrops, so why not make it easier for them?

That is our main strategy for improvements. We add features to the platform, track which ones users find the most interesting and start building on top of that.

AirdropAlert team
CEO M. Christensen (bottom left), with the AirdropAlert.com team in their office located in Rotterdam – The Netherlands




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