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India’s First Blockchain Academy to Soon Come Up in Kerala

January 25, 2018 16:46
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The Kerala-government run Indian Institute of Technology and Management has partnered with internationally renowned Blockchain Education Network to set up a first-of-its kind Blockchain Academy in India.

The courses in this academy will be designed specifically for those who are new to the idea of blockchain and those who look forward to pursuing a career in this field.


The academy could potentially be a platform for blockchain developers to explore opportunities in the industry, opening up the possibility of becoming a blockchain solution provider to a wide array of businesses.

As the first step, Michael Gord, founder and CEO, MLG Blockchain Consulting, will launch the website on Friday. Gord is also an Advisory Board Member. Saji Gopinath, director at IITM said, “The academy plans to explore the possibilities of leveraging blockchain technology for public good, capacity building initiatives and promoting disruptive innovations and entrepreneurship with blockchain technology.”

He added, “Setting up the academy will be definitely a leap forward in Kerala’s efforts in becoming a national leader in the education, adoption and entrepreneurship promotional activities in the new age technological domains.”

After Bengaluru and Hyderabad making strides in integrating blockchain into state governance, it is indeed heartening to see, Kerala follow suit.

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