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Indian-American ICO to Change Conventional Loyalty Programs

January 12, 2018 13:35
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As days go by, blockchain has started to affect each and everyone of us. Suddenly, most of our data is on public display and this will ensure a smoother future.

NucleusVision, an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) based in India and the United States of America, plans to customize loyalty program for its customers by customizing it to their needs.

According to their blogpost on Medium, Nucleus Vision says, “It allows retail brands to build and implement customer-centric marketing, which uses data as of online sources and physical stores. The platform uses the blockchain, sensors, data and intelligent Analytics to create automated solutions that generate customer loyalty.”

It adds, “retail Nucleus IOT provides analysis of customer behavior that was previously impossible, such as the ability to track customer visits to view preferred routes and paths in the store, favorite foods and products, and predict customer behavior in the store.”

“Using the blockchain, Nucleus aims to accumulate information from the real world. The purpose is tracking 2.6 trillion of purchases by customers who visit 91 million stores worldwide, in real time.”

The premise behind the ICO seems quite promising and they have a solid team in place. The ICO is equitably backed by Indian and US brands such as Reliance Capital, Idea, Vodafone, Intel etc.

The token sale will take place late in February and the total price is 100,000 nCash tokens and each token is priced at $0.01.

How will Nucleus work?

According to the advertisement on their website, a customer can look up what he requires online through the app and when he walks into an ION-enabled store, the person in charge of the store, can quickly scan the customer’s profile and figure out his requirements based on his history of preference.

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