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IBM inks Partnership With Travelport to Bring Blockchain to the Travel and Tourism Sector

October 24, 2018 10:11
IBM partners Travelport
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We’ve seen the applications of blockchain in many different areas. However, the travel and tourism sector was remaining largely untouched from it. However, after the latest partnership between IBM and Travelport it’s looking that even this sector may change a lot in the future from the power of blockchain technology. Travelport is an NYSE listed technology company operating a travel commerce in the sector of travel and tourism, and IBM is, well IBM (it needs no introduction). though the partnership between both companies was inked way back in August, it’s only now that this partnership has been expanded to bring IBM’s blockchain platform into the equation.

According to the announcement, the new partnership will combine Travelport’s data and IBM’s blockchain technology to intelligently track, manage, analyze and predict the costs of travel in one place. This can fundamentally change how companies plan and optimize their travel programs. Speaking about the partnership Mr. Mike Croucher, Chief Architect of Travelport, told Forbes magazine:


“If you look at our relationship with IBM, it’s one that has been in existence since the beginning of the global distribution system (GDS). In this instance, we are looking at new ways of innovation. IBM brings their R&D, while we bring our experience and knowledge of the industry. Because of our history, we are now able to combine resources, breaking into A.I. and blockchain technology.”

The major goal of Travelport through this partnership is to thoroughly understand the blockchain technology and its use cases for travel. Croucher said on this:

“This is done by looking to specific use cases in the industry. With IBM, we are now executing our first use case.”

IBM, on the other hand, wants to disrupt the travel and tourism industry with this partnership. Besides that, it will also create a major use case for company’s Watson supercomputer and its cloud computing service IBM Cloud.

IBM has recently been doing some absolutely fantastic work in the blockchain space. Most recently it inked another partnership with Pacific International Lines for digitization of their supply chain through blockchain technology. It has also filed the highest number of blockchain related patents in the year. It will be interesting to see what it does next.

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