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HTC Exodus Gets New Edition of Opera Browser and Support for Several dApps

HTC Exodus today got a new edition of Opera Browser tailor-made for it, thanks to a new partnership. The company also announced support for several dApps.

February 27, 2019 09:33
HTC Exodus smartphone
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The action of crypto space is revolving around smartphones nowadays. Samsung has launched its Galaxy S10 with in-built cryptocurrency wallet only a few days back, so how could HTC, its other rival with a blockchain phone already out in the market, sit back and watch the show? The result is that it has also announced a partnership with Opera Browser and announced its support for several dApps.

That’s right. HTC just announced that its Exodus blockchain smartphone will support Etheremon and Decentraland dApps in its ZIONVault integrated cold storage. The smartphone will also support Taiwanese dApp called Numbers, which is an app that allows users to sell their data to third party companies for cryptocurrency while retaining control over what they sell and what they do not sell.


Prior to this announcement HTC Exodus used to support only Cryptokitties and a crypto wallet. Now this announcement adds a whole lot of new applications to the supported group of dApps for this phone, making it more of a preferred choice for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Now coming to the Opera Browser. The Exodus edition of browser comes with a browser-integrated crypto wallet that will be separate from the integrated cold wallet of device. Users can take advantage of that browser wallet to store small amounts of cryptocurrencies that they need to use for payments, trading and other purposes. The browser will also allow users to purchase Ethereum easily. According to a report of The Verge currently Exodus supports only Ethereum payments, but in future it plans to add support for Bitcoin and Litecoin as well. Mr. Phil Chen, Chief Decentralized Officer of HTC (yep, that’s a job title at HTC), said:

“Now you could pay an amount like 0.00002 ETH [equivalent to about $0.0027]. And never in the history of micropayments did that make sense. There’d be a transaction fee or you’d have to share revenue with the app store.”

Chen further added that the next step for his company is to make every blockchain phone a “partial node” on the blockchain so that phone owners can transfer trade between themselves. He also revealed that starting in March Exodus will be available for purchase in fiat currencies too. Until now it could be purchased only by making payments in crypto.

In short, while Samsung added a crypto tag to its Galaxy S10 by adding a crypto wallet, HTC is upping the ante by making its Exodus smartphone more appealing to crypto enthusiasts. Let’s see who wins the heart of crypto lovers!

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