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Google’s Cloud Division Secretly Started A Project That Will Make Blockchains Searchable

February 06, 2019 14:12

Google has quietly been working on a project that will make public blockchains searchable. Whether its entry into blockchain space is liked or not by the advocates of decentralization is another question though.

Google HQ
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Imagine what internet would be like if there was no Google. Difficult to imagine, right? When Google came to life in 1998 it was clear immediately that it can play a major role in making internet more accessible for a common man. And it has been doing so till date. Now it seems that it’s going to do the same for blockchain too, whether decentralization lovers like it or not.

That’s right. According to a recent article published by Forbes magazine Mr. Allen Day, a 41-years old data scientist at Google, recently used one of his tools developed at Google to figure out a “mysterious, concerted usage of AI” on Ethereum blockchain. According to him this usage was by a whole bunch of “autonomous agents” that were moving funds around “in an automated fashion”. While he couldn’t figure out who has created these agents, he thinks that they’re created by cryptocurrency exchanges to trade between themselves for artificially inflating the price of Ether. According to him:

“It’s not really just single agents doing things on their own. They’re forming with other agents to have some larger group effect.”

Now, how true is this assumption of Allen may be the subject of debate, but we leave that up to your judgment. Because what we’re going to tell now is more important than this assumption.

Making blockchains searchable

Allen Day’s official title at Google is Senior Developer Advocate. What does that mean? In his own words, he is the “customer zero” for Google’s Cloud Computing efforts. Therefore, his job is to determine the demand for Google’s Cloud products before those products even hit the market. And he believes that making blockchains searchable is the next big thing. How big, you may be wondering. Well, quite big actually. Google’s Cloud business is much smaller than that of Amazon and Microsoft.While Google made $3 billion last year from its Cloud business, Amazon made $27 billion and Microsoft $10. Now Allen feels that making blockchains searchable can help in filling this gap.

Last year Allen and a small team of developers along with him started loading the data of Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains into BigQuery, Google’s big data analytics platform. Once it was done, Allen and lead developer Evgeny Medvedev created a sophisticated tool to search the data. No publicity was done for the project, but despite that being a Google project it got publicized itself and as many as 500 projects were created using the new tools developed by Allen and Evgeny. Crypto-minded coders found about the project themselves.

Day calls the project Blockchain ETL (extract, transform, load). However, even in this game it seems that Google is playing catch-up. Amazon already entered the blockchain space last year with its Azure Blockchain Workbench, and Microsoft got into the space way back in 2015 itself. The only plus point that Google seems to have is its specialization in developing search technologies, but it will be interesting to see whether that advantage alone can be enough to help Google win in this space or not.

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