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Google Responds to The Allegations of Blacklisting Cryptocurrency Sites

Google today responded to allegations arising after CCN’s shutdown regarding the treatment being given to crypto websites by the company. Unfortunately, the response didn’t provide any specific information.

June 12, 2019 10:45
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If you operate any business in the space of internet, the power of Google Search is essential for you to survive. Google brings a majority of traffic to most websites, and that’s how a majority of websites make their money (by serving relevant ads to the visitors coming from Google). However, time and again Google has shown that it doesn’t give a damn to our business and our website. Gone are the days when company slogan used to say “Don’t be evil”. Now Google plays evil whenever it wants to, and by updating its algorithm it randomly affects websites in whatever ways it wants to.

Something similar happened recently too, when crypto news website CCN decided to shut down after an update to Google Core. The reason behind shutdown, as told by CCN’s founder Jonas Borchgrevink, was an algorithm update pushed by Google to its core systems on 3rd of June, after which the company recorded a significant decline of more than 71% in its traffic. Here’s what Jonas told Forbes magazine:

“This happened just after June 3rd and has been consistent after. None of our recent articles drew any significant traffic from Google this past week. We have never experienced that before.”

Other cryptocurrency websites (i.e. Coindesk, The Block and CryptoPotato) also noted a minor negative impact on their traffic after this update, which led many to wonder if Google is systematically and deliberately trying to target cryptocurrency websites in its search results. The company has now finally responded to those allegations, but unfortunately, the response has nothing specific to offer. When Forbes and CCN contributor Benjamin Pirus wrote to a Google representative asking him about the recent update and its impact on crypto sites, the representative pointed him to a tweet sent out by Google in March 2018.

That’s what happens when one entity is blessed with so much power and position – they stop caring about what happens to others. And that’s the reason why this revolution called decentralization has arrived.

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