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Fortnite Merchandise Store to Accept Monero

January 02, 2019 16:32
Source: Dexerto
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Taking cryptocurrency adoption a step forward, popular video game, Fortnite has announced that it is all set to accept privacy-oriented coin, Monero for its merchandise store.

Although, the news portal CryptoNewsZ stated that there were rumours flying around regarding this development, the news was confirmed by Monero developer, Riccardo Spagni.

In a tweet, Spagni said, “Too cool: the Fortnite merch store (http://merch.fortnite.com ) lets you pay in Monero, so now you can purchase that sweet Durrr Burger onesie without your friends / family / coworkers judging you.”

Source: Twitter

He added, “Obviously you have to go through the regular checkout, don’t use Apple Pay or PayPal’s checkout.” However, upon people asking about why Fortnite wasn’t adding Bitcoin, he said, “The store provider is very interested in LN, and we’re pushing hard to get them to add that to the list. Right now they’ve only enabled Monero, even though they have a number of options (including bech32-enabled Bitcoin).”

Earlier this year, the game faced some controversy when a report by MalwareBytes Labs stated that season 6 cheat tools of the game contains malware that can access and steal bitcoin from wallets of players, playing the game. The report had stated, “First, we sifted through a sizable mish-mash of free season six passes, supposedly “free” Android versions of Fortnite, which were leaked out from under the developer’s noses, the ever-popular blast of “free V-Bucks” used to purchase additional content in the game, and a lot of bogus cheats, wallhacks, and aimbots.”

However, it wasn’t very clear on how exactly how the bitcoin can be stolen from wallets, nor does it specify whose wallets are at risk? It is hard to come to a conclusion, since every Fortnite player may not be trading cryptocurrency. One interesting to note was, that players were purchase additional cheating packages for $80 worth of Bitcoin.

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