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Exclusive #2 on 10-Year Crypto Jail: Now PFRDA Declines Being Part of Garg Committee in RTI Response

One more RTI filed by us in relation to Bloomberg Quint’s 10-years crypto ban story has led to a response. This time it’s PFRDA to decline having anything to do with the committee working on crypto regulations.

June 18, 2019 08:39
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In our last exclusive report on Bloomberg Quint’s 10-year crypto ban story we had told you how IRDAI, a regulator mentioned by the author Quint article in his story, has denied to have any information regarding on the matter. In the same article I had also told you that we’ve filed a couple of other RTI requests as well, and once they’re answered the situation will be clearer. Now after IRDA’s response we’ve also received an answer from Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) of India, and their response is more straightforward than the response of IRDA. We asked them the same question: Has PFRDA been a part of the committee working on crypto regulations? And their response was: Nope! You can see it below:

PFRDA RTI response

So now it’s clear that both IRDA and PFRDA have not been a part of the regulatory committee working on cryptocurrency regulations. Then why would their members be included in a board that aims to monitor cryptocurrency transactions, as suggested in Bloomberg Quint’s story?

This has significantly increased the doubts regarding Quint’s story, and now we’re highly skeptical about the existence of any such draft bill. We still have some RTI requests pending with other government departments, and we plan to file a few more to get to the core of this subject. So keep checking our stories in the coming days!

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