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Bitcoins Stolen in Binance Hack Have Been Consolidated into 7 Addresses

The Bitcoins stolen in Binance hack have since then been consolidated into 7 different addresses. The addresses were identified and published today by crypto blogging site The Block.

May 10, 2019 07:11
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The investigations related to Binance hack are going on, and new details are emerging every single day. The latest new information in this regard is that the Bitcoins stolen have been moved to 7 different addresses, with about 1,000 Bitcoins moved to each of them. This has been reported by cryptocurrency blog The Block on 9th of May (i.e. yesterday).

On 8th of May it was announced by Binance that they have been hacked. 7,074 Bitcoins were stolen in that attack, which are worth $42.8 million at the time of writing this article. The amount was stolen form company’s hot wallet, and it was stolen in a single transaction. Now it has been reported by The Block that the article had 44 outputs, and 21 of those outputs were Segregated Witness addresses. Those addresses received 99.97% of the stolen funds, according to the report of The Block.

Now since then the funds received in those 44 addresses have been consolidated into only 7 addresses, with six of them holding 1,060.6 BTC while one holds 707.1 BTC. The addresses are given below:

  • bc1q2rdpyt8ed9pm56u9t0zjf94zrdu6gufa47pf62 (Bech32 address holding 1,060.6 BTC)
  • bc1qx3628eh9tdnm0uzculu8k6r2ywfkc5zns2hp0k (Bech32 address holding 1,060.6 BTC)
  • bc1qnf2ja3ffqzc3hskanjse6p8zag52fm6jgmmg9u (Bech32 address holding 1,060.6 BTC)
  • bc1qw7g5uxxl750t0h2fh9xajwuxp4qt634yh3vg5q (Bech32 address holding 1,060.6 BTC)
  • 16SMGihY94H8UjRcxwsLnDtxRt7cRLkvoC (P2PKH address holding 1,060.6 BTC)
  • 1MNwMURYw1LkPnnpda2DQkkUsXXeKL9pmR (P2PKH address holding 1,060.6 BTC)
  • bc1q3a5hd36jrqeseqa27nm40srkgxy8lk0v0tpjtp (Bech32 address holding 707.1 BTC)

In the meantime the efforts to secure Binance from future hacks are going on. Yesterday John McAfee also joined into those efforts, though we don’t yet know what kind of help he might have done. Some funds were moved by the company to new cold wallets, and given the current situation, CZ told everyone before moving them to avoid FUD.

Now let’s see what happens today in this matter.

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