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Ethereum Mining Pool Agrees to Split Fees with User Who Sent 2100 ETH as Transaction Fees

March 14, 2019 12:24
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A leading Ethereum mining pool recently agreed to split a $330,000 ETH fee it mined, earlier this year, with a user who accidentally attached 2,100 ETH fees, which led to a huge block reward.

The mining pool, Sparkpool, said, “We packed a value of 2,100.148567503724330936 in the number 7238290 block of the Xinghuo mining pool. ETH transactions. The transaction was initiated by the wallet address 0x587ecf600d304f831201c30ea0845118dd57516e. Due to the high transaction fee, our PPS+ sub-accounting mode warning system was triggered. We suspended the day-to-day split of the transaction fee. In order to avoid legal risks and unnecessary disputes, the transaction fee has been frozen, waiting for the sender to contact the mining pool to discuss the solution. If the sender does not contact to give up communication for a long time, Spark will distribute the handling fee to the miner.”

The sender, infact, did get in touch with the mining pool and stated that he was the person who sent the large amount. However, the mining pool asked him to prove that he was the same. The mining pool was quoted to have been saying, “At 2:43 pm on February 25, the Sparkpool Mining Pool received an anonymous email description stating that he was the sender’s position. In order to prove its authenticity, we asked him to use the 0x587ecf600d304f831201c30ea0845118dd57516e wallet address to send 0.22517 ETHs to the Xinghuo pool account as proof.”

The above two are the screenshots which were provided as proof to the mining pool that the person reaching out to them, was indeed the person who had sent the 2,100 ETH as transaction fees.

The sender was in fact, a Korean blockchain company. After the authenticity of the sender was confirmed, Sparkpool held a brief meeting to discuss how to proceed forward. After expressing sincere apologies, the team offered to express their willingness to distribute half of the fee to Spark Miners to express their gratitude. After the friendly negotiation between the two sides, the mining pool accepted this plan.

This news is certainly one of the weirdest ones we have come across.

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