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Ethereum Classic Dev Team Joins Blockfolio Signal Platform to Share Development Updates

October 03, 2018 11:36
Blockfolio Signal
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If you’re a user of Blockfolio portfolio management app, keeping track of Ethereum Classic updates just became a lot easier for you. That is because ETC Dev teams and Cooperative are now available on Blockfolio’s Signal platform to share major developments related to ETC. All that you need to do is keep track of notifications in your Blockfolio app, which is way simpler than scrolling down through the twitter feeds or news websites.



On the other hand, if you’re an ETC hodler but not a user of Blockfolio, this becomes yet another reason for you to use Blockfolio over other portfolio manager apps. It already supports more than 3,000+ coins and tokens, which means that you can use it to keep track of your entire portfolio without having to worry about any other portfolio manager.

Now when you know about Blockfolio, let’s take a look on its Signal platform as well.

What is Blockfolio Signal?

Given below is an explanation of the platform in the words of Blockfolio’s Social Media Manager Jennifer Miller:

“Think of Signal as a place to gather insight into the projects in your portfolio. A way to find out the latest news, updates and exciting announcements from the executive leadership of the tokens you HODL. No middle man. No waiting for a press release or catching that elusive tweet at the right time. We’ve created a single place for you to get the information you need, the moment it becomes available.”

In the last few days Ethereum Classic has also been going through a number of interesting developments from a steady pace, which makes keeping track of its news a little difficult (especially if you’re a HODLer of ETC). It has been added to a number of new platforms (including CoinbaseSkrill, Robinhood, and Bittrex), and it has also announced some major development related changes. So it makes sense for the company to reveal a new method that can be used to keep track of updates in a better way. Give it a shot and do let us know in the comments what you think about this new way of tracking ETC updates.

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