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Exclusive Interview with Sanyan Blockchain: EOS Nairobi Adopts Blockchain to Change Africa

June 26, 2018 15:44
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This is the first story Crypto-News India is doing in collaboration with China-based news website Sanyan Blockchain. The interview carried out by Sanayan Blockchain talked to the First Team at EOS Nairobi which is campaigning for EOS Super Nodes in Africa. 


Authors: Bill Xie, Julie Zhang
Sanyan Blockchain

This is a two-part story. The second part will be published tomorrow.

As of May 26th, over 170 teams have announced their campaigns for EOS super nodes, with teams in the United States and China already accounting for 50%, yet most of the rest come from developed countries in the United States and Europe. Seemingly, the campaign for EOS super code is a dream that difficult to come true for small countries suffering from poverty with resource scarcity.

The situation is even worse in the African continent. There has been no team announcing the campaign for EOS super nodes in recent several months. When I thought the African continent has no chance to compete for EOS super nodes, a team consisting of Africans suddenly announced to attend the campaign, which is EOS Nairobi located in Kenya.

As a campaign team led by a Kenyan Daniel Kimotho, EOS Nairobi has eight core members who are the natives and most of its members are graduated from universities in Kenya. On the official website of EOS Nairobi, the team introduces its mission as below:

“EOS Nairobi is the first candidate as blockchain producer in the campaign for EOS super nodes”. It firmly believes that decentralization is a development trend of human in the future, meanwhile, It is committed to creating wealth and relieving poverty through decentralization.

For one reason or another, civilization and development in African countries lag well behind those of the rest of the world. Even now, we are still heard news through various channels, describing that African countries are in desperate needs. Under this background, “creating social wealth” as the aim announced by EOS Nairobi made me more curious, so I really want to know about how EOS Nairobi plans to change the current situation of Kenya even the whole Africa through using the blockchain technology.

  1. Why does the EOS Nairobi choose the EOS? What features of the EOS that the Nairobi prefer the most? How does the EOS Nairobi think about the future development of the EOS?

EOS, as a blockchain protocol has four vital advantages (among others) over other blockchain protocols: scalability, support for a large number of transactions per second (10,000 – 100,000), user experience and cost effectiveness.

  • Scalability allows for both vertical and horizontal capacity of nodes to be expanded on the network supporting decentralized applications.
  • Number of transactions: with 10,000- 100,000 transactions being supported on the network, this translates to high level efficiency in executing transactions, whether they are sequential or parallel.
  • EOS aims to offer a simple and straightforward user experience, so that people find the applications easy and safe to use. They won’t have to be confounded by using the applications.
  • Cost effectiveness: the decentralized applications are to be free to use for all, and this is vital in driving adoption of these applications for millions of users.

Put together, these four aspects enable the development of decentralized applications and smart contracts, both which will leverage the potential of this technology for advancement in different industries.

The future development of EOS will see the framework being improved upon to support and fast-track the Fourth Industrial Revolution. EOS will be well positioned to accomplish this through the principles of governance, arbitration, best practice and community development.

  1. In the brief description of the EOS Nairobi, the team believes that the decentralization is our future, can you talk about the details about how decentralized applications could create social wealth.

One of the vital pillars of the EOS ecosystem is community. Integral to its design is the requirement to have applications that can be used for free by millions of people, and we believe that the creation of such applications will create social wealth through creating mechanisms of accounting for and leveraging identity, access, and engagement. When people are exposed to opportunities and given the ability to take advantage of these opportunities, it enables them to contribute their existing knowledge and skills, therefore, having this effect multiplied across various communities will progressively translate to having both creation and transfer of social wealth. We have already seen it being at work in the early stages of the EOS Nairobi community.

  1. EOS Nairobi is the first and only EOS BP candidate in the African continent. What changes do you think EOS Nairobi can bring to Kenya and the African continent?

We are privileged to be making history in this regard. On the African continent, there have been numerous initiatives in financial technology as the primary use case of blockchain technology in Africa. Many have profited from the usage of cryptocurrencies; others have created payment gateways, such as Pesa Base to ease financial remittances.

EOS Nairobi will spark the quality conversations and education greatly needed to help people to appreciate the benefits that this technology has to offer. Already, it has launched an incubator program that is developing the technical skill needed to build decentralized applications and provide technical support for businesses that are ready to adopt or scale up on blockchain technology. Not only this, but also, the team of developers in partnership with other key organizations will oversee the launching of ICOs, as the policy and legal framework is being created to support enterprises and organisations that plan to leverage blockchain technology. The gaps in regulation and policy have largely hindered adoption of blockchain technology in various countries; therefore EOS Nairobi will by example seek to close those gaps and help companies, businesses, organisations, governments and individuals to understand, appreciate and adopt the advantages of blockchain technology.

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