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Dekado Starts Paying Out Customers After Alleged BitConnect India Head’s Arrest

August 23, 2018 16:31
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A couple of days ago Crypto-News India had reported on the alleged Bitconnect India head Divyesh Darji getting arrested. We had also talked about a scam coin Dekado which was allegedly launched by the prime accused, Darji.

Interestingly, as news spread of his arrest, another news made the headlines. Darji was ‘taken ill’, quite suddenly and was admitted to Ahmedabad’s Civil Hospital on Tuesday. A video on YouTube uploaded by Vtv Gujarati News stated that he was experiencing some chest pain.

Although Darji is out of action temporarily, the suspense surrounding his coin Dekado refuses to die down. Earlier, a few scammers on the Dekado telegram group tried to con people by saying, “If you want your money back, send $100 to this particular account.”However, the probable scam was shortlived as members, were incensed by the thought of shelling out more money and demanded his ouster.

Following that, the official Dekado group sent out a message saying, “We have been made aware that some phishing emails and messages are being circulated across various channels. In those messages, many scammers are asking Dekado users to send $100 fee, to receive their settlements. Please NOTE that there is NO SUCH FEE being charged by Dekado team. We request users not to fall for these messages, and NOT PAY anything to anyone. Also please note that any official communication from Dekado will ONLY feature HERE in this channel and ONLY by the admins.”

However, a few people said that they received some token amount as settlement after reaching out to the provided email ID. A telegram user who goes by the name, Donn John, who said he had received $100 told Crypto-News India, “They are paying off small amounts, like $100. More than that, are still pending. This way by paying small amount, they keeping hopes alive, so they do not take any action, and keep on waiting by hope they will receive it too.”

Another user on the same group said, “Yes yesterday I got 100$”, and attached a screenshot of the email stating the same.

A source revealed to us that the total estimated loss incurred by victims may be close to Rs80,000 crore to Rs 90,000 crore. Interestingly, a website called Dirty Scam stated that the total loss was close to $2 million. However, we were independently unable to verify these claims.

We will know more once the police issues a statement regarding the case.

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