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Cryptopia Reveals its Loss in the Recent Hacks

February 28, 2019 11:52
Source: Poddtoppen
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New Zealand-based cryptocurrency exchange, Cryptopia has revealed how much it has lost in the series of hacks that took place in January. In a series of tweets, the exchange said, “We are continuing to work on assessing the impact incurred as a result of the hack in January. Currently, we have calculated that worst case 9.4% of our total holdings was stolen. Please keep an eye on our page for further updates today.”

On the same day it said, “We are securing each wallet individually to ensure the exchange is fully secure when we resume trading. We have more updates to come today, please keep an eye on our page.”

Earlier this week the exchange had stated that due to the undergoing police investigation, it had reportedly discontinued trading for users on the platform. An official statement from the exchange had reportedly said, “Police continue to investigate the unauthorised transfer of crypto-currency worth a significant sum from Christchurch-based crypto-currency trading company Cryptopia on 13-14 January 2019. Good progress is being made and positive lines of enquiry are being developed to identify the source of the transfer, and to identify where the crypto-currencies have been sent. The assistance of the crypto currency community is being sought as the investigation progresses. Members of the investigation team met with Cryptopia management and staff yesterday and today and outlined progress in the investigation.”

Apart from that, it was also reported by Crypto-News India, that almost 1,675 ETH (worth about $180k at today’s market rates) from another 17k Cryptopia wallets had been siphoned off by the hacker.

There were a few doubts raised by the cryptocurrency community regarding the authenticity of the statements put forward by the exchange.

separate post put out by ‘Digger’ on Discord said, “For those who are querying the NZ Police e-mails referred to, they are legitimate and are copied to me by NZ Police. We will respond when we have substantive facts to report when the investigators give us approval. Until then we are tied as the authorities do not want us to make any statements that might by accident exacerbate the situation and cause more damage.” The Reddit post added that Digger was the Managing Director at Cryptopia according to “Ben” (Cryptopia Discord Moderator).

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