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Cryptojacking Cases Went Up by 400% in 2018: Kaspersky Lab

December 17, 2018 17:11
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As the year draws to an end, it is time to review what happened in 2018. One of the most notable achievements was when the bitcoin price touched $20,000- a bull run that started sometime around this time last year and continued well into January 2018. Another important development was that the number of cryptojacking cases also saw an all time high.

Kaspersky Lab, one of the most notable names in computer security, published a report on how there were nearly 13 million cryptojacking cases (close to 400 million) in 2018 alone. Although it sounds like an unbelievable number, but given that the security company has been closely monitoring the cases, it can well be believed.


In the past, Kaspersky Lab has talked about cryptojacking as well as Monero cryptocurrency which can be mined illicitly without the victim (on whose computer it is being mined on) being none the wiser. Last month, the company released a report that stated that  cryptocurrency miners infect computers of unsuspecting users operate on the same model as ransomware programs: the victim’s CPU power is harnessed to enrich the cybercriminals. However, in this case it may be a while before the unsuspecting user has realized that 70–80% of their CPU or graphics card power is being used to generate virtual coins.

On that occasion, while talking about botnets, the report had stated, “Still on the topic of botnets, it is impossible not to mention that in Q3 2018 we registered a decline in the number of DDoS attacks, the most likely reason being, according to our experts, the “reprofiling” of botnets from DDoS attacks to cryptocurrency mining. This was induced not only by the high popularity of cryptocurrencies, but also the high competition in the “DDoS market”, which made the attacks less expensive for clients, but not for the botnetters themselves, who still have to cope with more than a few less-than-legal “organizational issues.”

Not just cryptojacking, Kaspersky Labs had also released a detailed report on how a malware named ‘Lazarus’ “a trojanized cryptocurrency trading application that has been targeting Mac Operating systems (OS), for the first time.”

Safe to say, numbers don’t lie and when it comes to Kaspersky, one can bet that their number game is quite strong. However, as awareness grows, chances are that, these cryptojacking incidents will dwindle too.

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