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Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase Hires Former LinkedIn Employee to Broker Deals

March 06, 2018 13:22
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With rumour mills working overtime about Coinbase’s possible acquisitions or collaboration (ahem Ripple), the exchange has hired a Silicon Valley executive known for brokering deals between companies.

On Monday Coinbase announced that they hired Emilie Choi as the Vice President of Corporate and Business Development. Earlier on, Choi had worked with LinkedIn as Vice President of Corporate Development.

Asiff Hirji, president of Coinbase said, “As part of our vision to create an open financial system, we want to connect with entrepreneurs and teams around the world who are passionate about building innovation in the crypto space. Emilie has an outstanding record of building strong relationships with founders and in creating environments where entrepreneurs can continue to execute on their vision within larger companies.”

Interestingly this development comes soon on the heels of Circle acquiring the cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex. However, during an interview with Forbes, Hirji had insisted that Circle’s acquisition had no impact on Coinbase. He said, “I don’t view that as a harbinger of anything, frankly. I think the industry is still too nascent to even be talking about consolidation. I think it’s unclear how things are going to play out.Whether a small exchange gets bought or not, it’s not that material to what we’re doing.”

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