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Cryptocurrency Exchange Alluma Launches its Beta Trading Platform

August 06, 2018 13:26
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Recently, cryptocurrency exchange Alluma had announced its bounty phase 1 for the month of August. Within a few days, the exchange made another exciting announcement: The platform is now LIVE! Traders can now use the platform to carry out trades.

Traders can trade with cryptocurrencies as well as the exchange’s own token: Luma. Alluma Bounty is live with over 1,500,000 tokens up for grabs. Alluma is giving away 1,000 LUMA tokens ($50 USD) to each of the FIRST 500 people who sign up.

Apart from Luma, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Etherparty (FUEL) have been listed on the beta version.

What will it mean for people who are among the first to sign up? 

According to Akash Aggarwal, the founder of Alluma, this is what it means: 1) A chance to trial our product ahead of the crowd 2) Secure a share of our revised community allocation pool (revised upward from 30% to 48%) 3) Help us serve you and our community better.

How will it work?

The phase 1 bounty will run for 4 weeks starting July 25th and ending August 29th. During this time a user will have a number of ways that they can use to earn tokens from a simple follow on Twitter to creating a Youtube walkthrough video.

The exchange said, “We’ve partnered with the #1 name in bounties – Bounty0x, to ensure that our campaign is run in an organized and transparent way (no staking or spreadsheets you may or may not trust).” Tokens will be distributed after the end of our public sale and released through the Bounty0x platform for transparency and accounting, the platform added.

Share your feedback or query here: https://t.me/alluma_beta_users

Join our announcement channel for updates: t.me/alluma_announcement

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/allumaexchange

Connect with us on Facebook:

Sign up for email updates here: https://alluma.io/

Start earning tokens now: go.alluma.io/bounty

Visit bounty support FAQs for more details:  https://bit.ly/2NLtLC7

Here’s how to earn LUMA tokens: https://medium.com/alluma/luma-giveaway-sign-up-for-beta-and-earn-1-000-luma-tokens-thats-50-usd-92b3a1f1c222

Visit LUMA Token Site: token.alluma.io/

To sign up, you can click here.

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