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CRO Up 30% on No Strings Attached Donation to Binance Charity

April 11, 2019 16:47
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CRO – more commonly known as Crypto.com Chain saw a sharp surge in price action on news of no strings attached donation to the Binance Charity Foundation. CRO has donated 28,888 Binance Coins (BNB) worth $514,643 USD to Binance Charity Foundation as a token of goodwill. The project’s donation has been highlighted by Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao praising their good hearts in his official twitter handle CZ Binance confirming the transaction thanking them for their generosity while also requesting Whale alert to add Binance Charity Address.

The tweet had also attached Whale alert’s post on transaction alert containing details of the donation. The Tweet read:


“This is a donation from @cryptocom to @BinanceBCF, no strings attached. Many thanks to @Kris_HK @bobbybaocrypto for the generous donation!
More follow up tweets/posts to come, about these good hearted people!
I wish @whale alert could add Binance Charity addresses.”

While the donation has been clarified by both parties involved as a no-strings attached transaction, traders view this differently. Both public and traders expect that CRO is likely to be listed by Binance in near future and this transaction could be gesture of thanks which is the reason the price of CRO has spiked more than 30% today despite overall market seeing a bearish price action.

In response to public views, Kris Marszalek, CEO of Crypto.com Chain replied to Mr. Zhao’s tweet stating that this no strings attached donation was influenced by Zhao’s Deconomy Keynote when he had mentioned that donation of one BNB would help the charity foundation support a school kid for 66 days. Kris had also mentioned that CZ’s message should reach the entire crypto community and many more should contribute to such charity measures considering at a responsibility since they have been fortunate and are in a position to give it back. Regardless of motive behind the transaction, a move that could drive forth a wave of charity that helps betterment of society is always a welcome note.


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