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Cardano Most Actively Developed Cryptocurrency in 2018, Bitcoin at 52nd Spot

January 03, 2019 17:14
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If you are thinking, cryptocurrencies with higher values or the ones that are actively traded are the most technologically updated coins, then you are wrong.

In 2018, the most actively developed cryptocurrency was Cardano (ADA), which is not even in the list of top 10 cryptocurrencies, market cap rank wise, according to data from CoinCodeCap.com. While Bitcoin, the most valued cryptocurrency ranks 52nd in the list of most actively developed cryptocurrency. Cardano is currently ranked 11th in the market cap list with a total value of $113 million.

In the last 12 months, the most actively developed cryptocurrencies with total commits are:

  1. Cardano (ADA)- 45,758 commits
  2. Augur (REP)- 21,644 commits
  3. 0x (ZRX)- 18,095 commits
  4. Ethereum (ETH)- 15,617 commits
  5. Lisk (LSK)- 14,754 commits
  6. Status (SNT)- 13,534 commits
  7. TRON (TRX)- 12,283 commits
  8. Komodo (KMD)- 12,173 commits
  9. Skycoin (SKY)- 12,068 commits
  10. Waves (WAVES)- 11,732 commits

Bitcoin has total 3,269 commits in last 12 months.

Commits mean the update/change made to a project and it reflects how much work is done on the project. Its more like, how much work is done in the project by the developers to stabilize the technological aspects. So, whenever an individual buys a coin or currency, he/she is investing in the project that the coin represents.  Commits reflect how developers are investing their labour on the project.

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