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Buterin, Sun Engage in Twitter Feud Over Old Article

February 27, 2019 13:13
Etherum founder
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In yet another clash between cryptocurrency biggies, Justin Sun, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tron, fired a salvo at Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum stating that he didn’t understand the latter’s “obsession with Bittorent.”

Not one to take a diss, lying down, Buterin said, “That interview was from Aug 2017. Tron acquired bittorrent in Jul 2018. My praise for bittorrent had nothing to do with Tron. This is like implying that because I like avocados, I approve of everyone who has ever bought an avocado.”

Sun came back with, “We all love avocados. I acquired all avocado farms and reached to monopoly. Now if you still love avocados you have to listen to me. However, I am happy to give you free avocados for sure!”

A Spanish Tron account jumped in the fray, stating, “Avocado in Spanish sounds like the Spanish word “abocado”, which means: “Something exposed to a certain result, generally negative”, i.e.: #ETH es un proyecto abocado al fracaso, meaning “ETH is a project doomed to failure” Don’t buy avocados, buy the farms #TRON.” Buterin, revealing himself to be fluent in French, stated in French, “In French, the word “lawyer” has two senses, one of which translates as “avocado”, the other by “lawyers”.

This is by far, from the first online feud, Buterin has been involved in. In October 2018, after Stern School of Business professor Nouriel Roubini called crypto’s decentralization a myth and referred to Buterin as a dictator, Buterin didn’t hesitate in taking a potshot at him. At the time he said, “I officially predict a financial crisis some time between now and 2021. Not because I have any special knowledge or even actually think that, but so that I can have a ~25% (or whatever) chance of later being publicly acclaimed as “a guru who predicted the last financial crisis.”

However, Roubini rebutted at the time saying, “Vitalik, just shut up & speak about stuff that you can claim u know a lil about. You have promising Proof of Stake since 2013 & we are still waiting for a system that is scalable, decentralized & secure. But that is impossible as your inconsistent trinity principle proves.”

While, it is always interesting to see cryptocurrency celebrities engaged in Twitter fights, one can’t help but wonder at the childishness of it all.

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