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Breaking! Amit Bhardwaj’s Bail Plea rejected By Chandigarh District Court, Custody Extended to Six More Days

August 28, 2018 20:07
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Finally some good news pours in, as atleast some scammers are being held accountable for the damage they have caused.

Earlier on Tuesday, there were some rumours floating around that GainBitcoin scam’s mastermind Amit Bhardwaj‘s bail plea was rejected by the Chandigarh court and that his custody has been extended to six more days.


Crypto-News India spoke to a former investor who wished to withhold his name for the time being. He said, “See, the news is partially true. After being lodged in Tihar jail, he was produced in Chandigarh District Court 43 today. This was long overdue. he should have been brought to the city much before. The Chandigarh police sought custody of Bhardwaj for eight more days, however, the court gave six days’ custody to the police.”

There have also been some rumours about Bhardwaj directly and indirectly threatening his former investors for taking steps against him. We asked the source if the whispers were true. The source confirmed those rumours and said that his friends were told by Bhardwaj’s lackeys to back off, or else the mastermind would name the former investor as a partner and get him implicated in the case too.

In a similar, yet different story, Bitconnect‘s alleged India head Divyesh Darji was hospitalized with a chest condition, soon after his arrest. However, a local Gujarati daily reported that since Darji’s 9-day remand was over today, so he was produced in court for extension of remand.

Although, it is too early to even begin contemplating the amount the scammers owe their hapless victims, it is nonetheless a start. However, there is a long road ahead of the victims as the police need to step up their A-game and bring these scammers to justice, so that they can meet the just desserts of their activities.

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