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Breaking! Amit Bhardwaj Gets Bail on Medical Grounds

April 03, 2019 16:20
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Amit Bhardwaj, the mastermind behind GainBitcoin scam, got bail on Wednesday. As readers would recollect, we had reported previously that from the time of Bhardwaj’s incarceration, he has gotten himself admitted in Apollo Hospital. He has always maintained that he has non-functioning kidneys resulting in him seeking dialysis treatment.

A person who’s in the loop told Crypto-News India, “Amit Bhardwaj has gotten bail on medical grounds. However, he has been ordered to pay, Rs 10 crore as penalty in the next six months and his brother Vivek Bhardwaj has also been directed to pay Rs 1 crore. Every Monday he has to go to Shalimar Baug police station in New Delhi and sign his presence. He has to remain in Delhi for the time being. This fight will go on for a long time now.”


Earlier Crypto-News India had reported that Bhardwaj was tied up in a separate litigation, apart from the GinBitcoin scam. At the time, Vikash Aditya, a Gainbitcoin investor who was duped by Bhardwaj had said, “Amit Bhardwaj filed for bail petition in Supreme Court for his involvement with Vihaan Group. In a bid to avoid confusion, the Court asked to separate the Vihaan Group case with the other pending GainBitcoin cases. The Court also ordered his medical report to be submitted on April 3.”

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court had set down an order stating, “Now, therefore take notice that the writ petition above-mentioned will be posted for hearing along with connected matter before this Court in due course and you may enter appearance before this Court, either in person or through advocate-on-court duly appointed by you in that regard, within 30 days from the date of service of notice. You may therefore show cause to the Court as to why rule nisi (unless) in terms of the prayer as contained in the writ petition should not be issued.”

On the matter of Bhardwaj’s medical report and bail plea, Aditya had told Crypto-News India , “If his bail is rejected in the Supreme Court, he won’t have any option. One option is he will start his trial and remains in jail. He may want to offer compensation, in exchange for jail time as he would not want to remain in jail. Let’s wait for April 3 and see what happens on the day.” Aditya added that the case is likely to run for the next few years.

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