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Samsung Announces Crypto Projects Supported by Galaxy S10

Samsung has announced the first crypto projects to be supported by its Galaxy S10. They’re Bitcoin, Ethereum, COSMEE and Enjin. The announcement was made at Mobile World Congress.

February 27, 2019 12:52
Samsung Galaxy S10
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Samsung’s Galaxy S10 might have been launched a few days back, but its crypto-friendly features are being fully revealed only now. Speaking at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain a company official revealed that the phone will have wallet functions for Ethereum, Bitcoin and two other less known tokens, namely COSMEE and Enjin. While COSMEE is a mobile-based beauty social media platform, Enjin is a cryptocurrency wallet that will be installed in Samsung Galaxy S10.

These 4 projects collectively form the base of Galaxy S10’s crypto features for now. Addition of support for these projects has also worked in favor of these tokens, just as one may expect. Bitcoin and Ethereum both experienced a major rally in their prices after Galaxy S10 was announced, and Enjin Coin surged as much as 200% within a single day after the announcement. Cosmo Coin (COSM), the native cryptocurrency of COSMEE, has also experienced a surge of 33% after the launch of Galaxy S10.


Now, when you look at this choice of coins supported by Samsung in first place, it obviously comes to mind that why were these two highly less-known tokens chosen for being supported before others? After all, who knew COSMEE and Enjin before being added to Samsung Blockchain Wallet! The answer to this question lies in the projects themselves. While COSMEE is a rare project that connects consumers of cosmetic products with cosmetic companies, Enjin is a leading protocol in the space of blockchain gaming. It allows developers in efficiently deploying blockchain-based games.

Also it’s worth noting that though Samsung didn’t add support for too many projects at the time of launching, it may do so very soon in near future as HTC has done the same for its Exodus blockchain smartphone. Let’s wait and watch!

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