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Justin Sun Hints at Mysterious Project With Hundreds of Millions of Users Coming to TRON in Q2 2019

We already knew that BitTorrent will be launched on TRON in Q2 2019, but now it’s turning out that a new project with hundreds of millions of users is also set to be launched alongside.

May 13, 2019 11:38
Justin Sun of Tron
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Justin Sun is doing one after another blockbuster announcement nowadays. This has continued since the beginning of this year when he announced the token sale of Bittorrent. The latest about Bittorent is its scheduled launch, which is set to happen sometime in Q2 2019. However, it turns out that BitTorrent is not the only project going to launch on TRON in the second quarter of this year. There’s also one more project with hundreds of millions of users that will debut on TRON during the same period. And this has been revealed by none other than Justin Sun himself.

That’s right. While Justin didn’t name the project, he said in a tweet this morning that the project will debut during Q2 2019 and it already has hundreds of millions of users. The name of the project, he said, will be announced tomorrow at Consensus 2019 conference being hosted by TRON. Have a look at his tweet below:

Consensus 2019 is scheduled to kick-off at 3:30 AM tomorrow, so the wait is not too long and we’ll find out soon that which project is he talking about. Keep an eye on our posts since tomorrow morning to find out more about it.

TRON most recently was in the headlines for surpassing Bitcoin’s total number of transactions. The development was significant because while Bitcoin took 10 years to reach 400 million transactions, TRON reached there in 319 days. Now if this new project being launched on TRON indeed turns out to be something as big as promised by Justin, it may result in many other records of the crypto space also being broken by TRON before the end of this year. So let’s see!

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