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BitTorrent Finally Elected As TRON Super Representative

August 08, 2018 10:10
BitTorrent now a TRON Super Representative
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So finally it has happened – BitTorrent, which had announced its candidacy for TRON Super Representative Elections a few days back, has today been elected as a Super Representative. The news was announced from official Twitter accounts of both Justin Sun and BitTorrent a few hours back, and it has given the founder and CEO of TRON foundation more powers over the network than anyone would have expected until a few weeks back.



It took BitTorrent 12 days to win the elections. Justin Sun himself had accomplished the feat in a single day, while some other SR candidates had to wait for more than 3 weeks. Talking about their new role at TRON Dave Rees, the Vice President of BitTorrent engineering team, said in the announcement video:

We were looking to leverage our 10 years of experience in peer-to-peer technology into other use cases, such as cryptocurrencies. And with TRON as a major player in cryptocurrency market, they were an obvious part of our efforts. They’ve a vibrant community that is passionate about peer-to-peer technology, and we’re very excited to join the community. And even without the BitTorrent acquisition we’d have run to be a Super Representative.”

In case you don’t know, BitTorrent was acquired by TRON founder and CEO Justin Sun sometime ago. The acquisition completed in June, but Justin didn’t make it public until last month. At the time of making things public he had said that both BitTorrent and TRON will be integrated deeply with their teams merging into one. That announcement was shortly followed by the declaration of BitTorrent’s Super Representative candidacy. And today things have come full circle.

It remains to be seen what Justin and TRON team do next with BitTorrent. We know already that they have plans to reward BitTorrent users with TRON tokens for their activity, but we don’t know how exactly that will be implemented. Hopefully we’ll hear something soon on that front as well.

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