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Bitconnect India Accused, Embroiled in Another Scam

June 04, 2019 11:54
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It appears that sometimes, being accused of one crime, is not sufficient for some people. Divyesh Darji, who was one of the main accused in the Bitconnect scam and Dekado coin scam, has now been named in another fraudulent coin called Regal Coin.

According to news portal, Times of India, Darji was accused of being involved in cheating people of lakhs of rupees after getting them to invest in Regal Coin, by promising astronomical returns. Darji who is a resident of Surat, is already facing trial in the Rs 22,000 crore Bitcoin scam.


In September last year, we had reported on the alleged Bitconnect India head Divyesh Darji getting arrested. We had also talked about a scam coin Dekado which was allegedly launched by the prime accused, Darji.

Interestingly, as news spread of his arrest, another news made the headlines. Darji was ‘taken ill’, quite suddenly and was admitted to Ahmedabad’s Civil Hospital on Tuesday. A video on YouTube uploaded by Vtv Gujarati News stated that he was experiencing some chest pain.

At the time, a user, going by the name, Donn John, who had said he had received $100 told Crypto-News India, “They are paying off small amounts, like $100. More than that, are still pending. This way by paying small amount, they keeping hopes alive, so they do not take any action, and keep on waiting by hope they will receive it too.”

The scam pertaining to Regal Coin came to the fore, when a Surat resident Vishal Savalia, approached CID alleging that he had lost Rs 17.50 lakh in the Regal Coin. He told the Crime Investigation Department (CID) that he had given the money to Darji’s daughter, Dimki, through another accused, Darji’s aide, Ramdayal Purohit. A CID official said, “Savalia said Dimki herself downloaded the Regal Coin app on Savalia’s phone, and got him registered on the website.”

Two other people, Rajesh Mania and Kirit Parmar, also invested Rs 10.50 lakh and Rs 17.50 lakh respectively. The price of Regal Coin had touched $100 (shockingly!), but the company decamped with nearly Rs 45 lakh.

Currently the CID has only arrested Purohit, while main accused, Darji, who was granted bail by the Gujarat High Court is on the run.

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