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Elon Musk Surprises Everyone With Sudden Tweet About Bitcoin

October 23, 2018 09:17
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For someone who remains on the target of crypto twitter bots despite not belonging to the crypto community, it’s better to not utter a word about cryptocurrencies. The more you distance yourself from such things in public life, the better for everyone (including yourself). However, Elon Musk is not the guy to walk on conventional paths. So he has just done something exactly opposite of this – he has tweeted about Bitcoin himself!

That’s right. It remains unclear why he decided to tweet the image shown above, but he tweeted it along with the caption “Wanna buy some Bitcoin? [winks]”. The image featured an anime character dressed in Bitcoin-themed costume, and behind her was the logo of Bitcoin. The character can be seen running away from the Bitcoin logo, which makes one wonder whether Musk was actually taking a dig on the crypto community after this long bear market? Or is he actually working on something around Bitcoin (he has previously been spotted with a book related to cryptocurrencies)?

Or was he high on weed, as some said in response to his tweet (people suspect that he’s taking LSD).

Nothing is clear as of now, and there’s also no chance of it becoming clear anytime soon. If Musk himself has been working on some Bitcoin-related functionality for Tesla it will be clear only after he reveals some more information. That may, or may never happen, depending on what was the reason behind his tweet. So we don’t know much at this point. But it’s still surprising to see that he tweeted about Bitcoin despite being impersonated continuously by crypto scammers on Twitter.

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