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Developer recreates original Pokemon Game on Blockchain

June 20, 2018 14:59
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Software engineer João Almeida has recreated the original Pokemon game from Nintendo on Blockchain. Though the game is not hosted on Blockchain, commands go through Bitcoin’s lightning network. Anyone can go to Poketoshi and play the game which is being streamed live on Twitch.

This project is the perfect example of the Lightning Network. Lightning Network is a layer on top of Bitcoin’s Blockchain that significantly speeds up the transaction time and reduces costs. Users will be able to send commands to the game instantly, for just 10 sats!


Almeida tweeted out the following video, demonstrating the game and paying for commands using Bitcoin.

There’s been a long standing beef rivalry between Bitcoin-Cash promoters and Lightning Network. Bitcoin Cash was forked from Bitcoin with claims of lower transaction costs and faster transaction speeds. However, the Lightning Network does transactions at incredible speeds and reduces cost exponentially, questioning the reason for Bitcoin Cash to exist.

Hilariously, the developers renamed Ash Ketchum’s in-game rival Gary Oak as BCASH.

This is not the first time Lightning Network was used to create fun projects. Last month, another programer hooked up a candy dispenser to the Bitcoin Network where users could instantly buy Candy with Bitcoin.


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