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Bitcoin Trading Near $6,000 Mark As Overall Market Cap Adds $4 Billion Within Hrs

Bitcoin is currently trading very close to $6,000 mark. If rally continues throughout the day, it may cross 6k mark very soon.

May 07, 2019 13:18
Bitcoin going up
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It looks like the rallies of cryptocurrency market are not going anywhere in the coming days. In what would come as a stunning surprise to everyone, Bitcoin has today surged more than 4% and currently is trading between $5,900 – $6,000. CoinMarketCap charts reveal that it has gone as high as $5,955, and if rally continues then it may also breach through the $6,000 mark very soon. Right now at the time of writing this article it’s trading at $5,926 as the price has come down by a few percentage points due to some selling pressure. But once this pressure is over, the rally may continue once again, and we’re seeing all the signals of BTC crossing 6K mark today.

If we look at the top 10 cryptocurrencies then almost everything is in greens since today morning. Ethereum is up by more than 10% and trading at $177, XRP up by more than 2.5% and trading at $0.30, Bitcoin Cash up by 3.5% with its price hovering around $292 and Litecoin trading higher by more than 5% at a price of $76.91. That’s the situation for top 5 cryptocurrencies at the time of publishing this article.

Coming to the next five, EOS, Cardano and TRON are all up by more than 4.5%. Have a look on their CMPs below:

Next 5 cryptocurrencies

Other major risers include Tezos, Nano, ABBC, CasinoCoin and Cybermiles, all of which are trading higher by more than 10%. Given below is what their trading situation looks right now:

  • ABBC: Trading higher by more than 14% at CMP of $0.21
  • CasinoCoin: Up by 12.96% at CMP of $0.001008
  • Nano: Trading high by 11.89% at $1.58
  • CyberMiles:Up by 10.46% (CMP $0.032)
  • Tezos: Up by 10.36%, currently at $1.27

The highest gainer, however, is a less-known token called FLO. It’s trading higher by more than 25% at CMP of $0.102.

After all this action the overall market cap of cryptocurrency market right now is $188 billion, up by more than $4 billion when compared against yesterday’s closing. When BTC breaches through $6,000 a billion dollars may also get added to the overall market cap very easily. We’ll update this article as soon as that happens!

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