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Bitcoin Craze Gripping Students As its Value Sky Rockets

November 01, 2017 12:44
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With the cryptocurrencies emerging as a potential wealth generator of future, university students are flocking to get hands on it over other subjects. Since the beginning of this year, both Bitcoin and Ethereum have grown by almost 9 fold and 27 fold respectively. Due to its popularity and huge valuations, it has now become the second most sought-after courses after machine learning in Standford computer science department and in other institutes also.

Dan Boneh, co-director of the Stanford Computer Security Lab and a professor of cryptography who has been studying cryptography for almost three decades is considering it as a sunrise moment. He believes that sudden rise in the interest among students is due to the huge valuations in these currencies. He has been teaching on cryptography since 2015 and now has over million people registered with him for his online course.

Lately, cryptocurrencies have become the favoured mode of raising capital through ICO by many corporates and startups against the traditional method. The use of cryptocurrencies is not just limited to creating monetary value. Researchers are finding it as a potential form of technology for data transmission and storage.

Carnegie Mellon’s Vipul Goyal thinks that: “The first two generations of the blockchain were centred around Bitcoin and Ethereum, but the technology is poised to move well beyond finance and money.” Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are the total disruptions in the market and will affect in many other technologies going obsolete.


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