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Apple Adds Bitcoin Symbol to its iOS Icon Pack

Apple recently took its first step towards formally recognizing Bitcoin as it added the BTC symbol to its icon pack. While not a big deal, every step counts to increase adoption.

June 05, 2019 08:07
Apple Logo on Building
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When it comes to tech giants and cryptocurrencies, Apple is going to go down among the slowest companies in its industry to realize the potential of this revolutionary phenomenon. The company has so far been silent about cryptocurrencies, though it made an attempt to put its feet in the financial industry with a mediocre Credit Card. Apple Card, launched by the company last month, is so mediocre as a product that the only major feature it has got to offer is “rates that are among the lowest in the industry”. Wouldn’t a better product have been launched if company would’ve focused on crypto space? Like a hardware wallet… or maybe a token of its own!

However, Apple is Apple. They like to take the last mover advantage in many things, and it seems that the same is their approach for cryptocurrencies too. The good news is that this giant of Silicon Valley has finally started recognizing Bitcoin. At least its latest icon pack seems to suggest so, which includes two different types of icons for Bitcoin. You can see those icons in the image below.

Bitcoin symbol Apple

While this is not any major move towards adoption of Bitcoin or crypto by Apple, small steps like this are necessary to make Bitcoin a necessary part of our everyday lives. Last week Microsoft also added Bitcoin symbol as a currency option to its Excel program. And remember, MS Office suite is still used by 1.2 billion people worldwide.

In comparison to these things, the news of Facebook developing its own cryptocurrency of Microsoft working on a Digital ID system based on Bitcoin blockchain may seem like bigger developments, but every step counts because brand recognition also matters in boosting adoption of anything. And nobody can deny that Apple is a much bigger and stronger brand than Microsoft or Facebook. Prior to this company’s Stocks app on iOS had also added the ability to monitor cryptocurrency prices.

It will be interesting to see how long Apple takes to start participating actively in crypto space, but for now it looks almost certain that this is not going to happen in near-term. The odds will increase as Bitcoin’s price and euphoria around it will increase. Let’s hope for the best!

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