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Bitcoin Cash As Savior for Ethereum? Vitalik Suggests Temporarily Storing ETH Data on BCH Blockchain for Scalability

Vitalik Buterin wants to use the blockchain of Bitcoin Cash for fixing the scalability issues of Ethereum in near term. Will he be allowed by the community do that?

July 16, 2019 09:40
Etherum founder
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Ethereum’s scalability challenges are not hidden from anyone. It’s well known that the second largest crypto and blockchain network is not able to process as many transactions as it needs to process. As a result, it’s getting stiff competition from some other newer blockchains (i.e. Tron) that can process smart contracts at a faster rate. Though Ethereum Foundation is working on Ethereum 2.0 to solve these challenges, it remains a fact that implementation of Ethereum 2.0 is a long process that will take time. But the scalability challenges of Ethereum are not taking any long time to arrive – instead, they’re already here from a long time!

Now, Vitalik Buterin – the man who founded Ethereum – has suggested an unusual solution to fix the scalability issues of Ethereum blockchain in near term. In a post published on Ethereum Research forum he suggested using Bitcoin Cash blockchain to fix this problem immediately. In the post entitled “Bitcoin Cash: a short-term data availability layer for ethereum?”, he said:

“In the longer term (1+ year out) the scalable data layer is going to be ethereum 2.0, because its planned 10 MB/sec data throughput is much higher than that of any existing blockchain. In the shorter term, however, we can start working on these techniques immediately by using existing blockchains, particularly those that have lower transaction fees per byte than ethereum, as the data layer.”

He also provided four reasons explaining why Bitcoin Cash can should be used for the purpose instead of other blockchains. The high throughput of BCH network (53kb per sec vs. Ethereum’s 8kb per sec), low transaction fees, availability of all mechanisms to verify BCH transactions and friendly relations with BCH community as key reasons behind the choice.

Buterin also outlined a particular challenge that he sees with the BCH blockchain at the moment. He said that the 10-minute block time of Bitcoin Cash blockchain is the biggest impediment right now to integrate it with Ethereum as a scaling solution. However, he also added that he believes in solutions like Avalanche pre-consensus, which can help BCH in getting rid of this impediment.

Buterin’s suggestions, however, didn’t go down too well in the Ethereum community. People on Twitter were divided about it, with some users supporting it as a good idea while others feeling that it can lead both Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash to a faster collapse. Here are some of those reactions:

Some users also suggested using Ethereum Classic in place of BCH, but Buterin dismissed the idea citing multiple reasons. Here are two of his tweets on the subject:

Now it will be interesting to see whether this proposal suggested by Vitalik is implemented or not. And if yes, then how quickly. Let’s wait and watch!

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