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Bitcoin Back Above $8K As Crypto Markets Rebound; Ethereum, TRON and Binance Coin Also Shine

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies surged into green territory once again during today’s trading session. While BTC reclaimed its $8K mark, XRP and ETH also moved above their own crucial support levels.

June 13, 2019 11:25
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And here we go again – after breaching below the $8k mark a few days ago now BTC is back above that mark. The entire cryptocurrency market started surging since yesterday night and now the greens are all over to be seen. While BTC is trading currently at $8,129, Ethereum and XRP are also trading at $259 and $0.40, respectively. And that is precisely what shows the strength of sentiment in the market.

It was not too long ago when we were waiting for BTC to cross the $9k mark, but instead of crossing that level it fell through the roof below $8k levels. That created panic in the market for a short period, but gradually things started improving again. And yesterday was the D-Day when all major cryptocurrencies reclaimed their psychologically crucial support levels.


The biggest gainer in top 10 club during this rise has been Binance Coin. It’s currently trading at $35.15, up more than 5.5% since yesterday. It’s followed by Cardano, which rose more than 4.8% and currently trading at $0.09. Then we’ve everyone’s beloved Ethereum, which is up more than 4.25% ($259), and then EOS, which is up 2.81% and currently trading at $6.53.

Other cryptocurrencies in the top 10 are also rising, with Bitcoin SV trading at $190.95, Stellar at $0.12 and Bitcoin Cash at $398.92. The sole loser in top 10 is Litecoin, which is currently trading down by 2.71% at $135.47.

Now, that is the situation for top 10 club. But if we talk about some of the biggest risers then they exist out of the top 10. ZCash, for example, is up more than 7% and currently trading at $87.13. Similarly, TRON is also up by 5.77% and trading at CMP of $0.033. Now it will be interesting to see if these positions are changed during the remaining time of the day.

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