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Bitcoin Accepted for Bail in San Francisco: Report

August 17, 2018 09:45
San Francisco court
Phillip Burton Federal Building - the Federal Court of San Francisco
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When crime has got high-tech, why should law enforcement stay behind? Setting a new precedent for the world a Federal Judge in San Francisco city of California, United States, recently ordered a criminal to pay his bail amount in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency of his choice. Hopefully now we may also hear similar instances from other US states in next few months.

The news appeared in a leading local newspaper called Daily Post, and the criminal who received this order is a 25 years old Martin Marsich. He is a Serbian and Italian national living in Udine, Italy. He was arrested and charged for hacking the system of Redmond based popular video game maker Electronic Arts (also known as EA). He was arrested on 8th of August, and presented in a federal court of San Francisco the next day. After hearing the case federal judge Jacqueline Corley ordered him to pay the bail amount of $750,000 in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency to be released on bail.

No changes required to legal structure


According to attorneys what federal judge Jacqueline did was actually part of a very broad area. And therefore, it doesn’t require any changes to the legal system or structure. Judges in United States have the power to order collection of bail amount in anything, including real estate. US Assistant District Attorney Abraham Simmons said in this regard:

It really is quite broad. The judge could order just about anything. What the objective is to get the defendant to comply with an order to appear later.

However, you’ll be surprised to know that our very own Indian government, which doesn’t recognize cryptocurrencies as currencies/assets, has also done a similar (albeit a bit different) act in past. Want to know about it? Well, here we go.

When Indian government accepted Bitcoins from criminals

Indian law enforcement agencies have also accepted Bitcoin from criminals in at least one instance. In case you don’t remember, the Bitcoins of GainBitcoin scam mastermind Amit Bhardwaj were seized and sold by government to reimburse the victims of scam. That thing had also happened after a go-ahead from Sessions Court of Pune, Maharashtra.

So that’s the power of law enforcement. If someone thinks that their illegal wealth parked in cryptocurrencies is secure, they should probably think again. Because if they are caught by the law, even cryptocurrencies may fail to secure their wealth.

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