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Bitbns Launches New Chrome Extension to Help its Users Find Arbitrage Opportunities

Bitbns has launched a new Chrome extension for finding arbitrage opportunities. The extension can make finding and capitalizing on arbitrage opportunities very easy.

March 18, 2019 10:46
Bitbns trading extension
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If we take a look on the products offered by Indian cryptocurrency exchanges, there have been some very innovative and unique product offerings by them in the market. For example, the crypto-to-crypto trading, Unocoin’s crypto ATM, and P2P mechanism for movement of funds developed by Bitbns are all examples of innovative offerings launched by Indian cryptocurrency exchanges. Now Bitbns seems to have come out with one more such innovative product offering: a Chrome extension!

Yep. Bitbns has launched a new trading extension for Chrome browsers that will allow its users to check arbitrage opportunities and take their advantage very easily. The users of extension can easily check for arbitrage between Binance and Bitbns without having to go through Bitbns website, and they can also execute the orders on either of these exchanges from within the extension itself. Bitbns has said that it will be adding more exchanges also in the days to come, and it has also asked users to suggest which exchanges should be added first.

Given below is how this extension will work:

  • l Until now when you wanted to check the price of any cryptocurrency for arbitrage opportunities, you had to switch the tab, check the price manually on an exchange of your choice and calculate manually to figure out whether there was an opportunity or not. Now this task can be automated – as long as you have Bitbns extension installed, you can use it to check if there is an arbitrage opportunity or not.
  • l Once you find an arbitrage opportunity, you can start executing the trade from the exchange page itself. If you’re on the page of Binance exchange then you can start executing your Bitbns trade from there, and if you’re on Bitbns page then you can execute Binance trade from there.

That way this new extension can help you save the precious time that is consumed in switching tabs and calculating opportunities. However, there’s one limitation associated with this extension: as of now, it’s available to Bitbns SELECT users only. The company plans to make it available for others users as well in the coming days, but that hasn’t happened as of now. Let’s see when it does!

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