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Binance Hackers Move $7000 Worth Bitcoin Again

July 09, 2019 12:32
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It appears that the piranhas are moving in for the kill. As per a report from news portal, Bitcoinist, the hackers who breached Binance and stole $7000 worth of bitcoin, moved their haul from one hacker’s wallet to a pair of separate addresses and interestingly the move coincided with Tether’s recent USDT printing frenzy and Bitcoin’s strong upside move to $12,750.

Last month, we had reported that the bitcoins stolen had been moved to 7 different addresses, with about 1,000 Bitcoins moved to each of them. 7,074 Bitcoins were stolen in that attack, which were worth $42.8 million at the time of writing this article.

The amount was stolen form company’s hot wallet, and it was done in a single transaction. Following that it was reported by The Block that the article had 44 outputs, and 21 of those outputs were Segregated Witness addresses. Those addresses received 99.97% of the stolen funds, according to the report of The Block.

Whale alert, which is crypto transaction bot on Twitter said, “706.1 #BTC (8,038,240 USD) of stolen funds transferred from Binance Hack May 2019 to hack wallet.”

Not just Whale Alert, the move was also noticed by London-based research analysts, Coinfirm. In a tweet, the company said, “The #Binance hacker once again moved the #btc to new addresses! This time all of it according to analysis by http://Coinfirm.com @amlt_token.After we documented the movement of some yesterday(orange) all of the funds 7070.9 BTC ($41.8m) were moved to 7 new addresses(red).

When Binance was hacked, the exchange was the first to put out the tweet. At the time it had said that it has detected a large scale security breach in which user API keys, 2FA codes and some other info was stolen. The hackers were also able to withdraw 7000 BTC (worth $40 million) in a single transaction, the exchange had said at the time.

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