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Beer Vending Machine Starts Accepting Crypto Payments

March 15, 2019 17:16
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Of all the companies, you never thought, a beer company would walk the talk when it came to adopting cryptocurrencies. Yep, a beer vending machine has become the first of its kind to accept cryptocurrency payments.

According to news portal CoinDesk, a decentralized identity startup Civic debuted a $15,000 machine that can verify a user’s age, as well as accept payment via crypto. In a conversation with the news portal, Civic’s Titus Capilnean said, “We’re merging identity and payment into one transaction.”


He further said, “Basically, we built these and tested them here.” Here, referred to the event which was held at SXSW, where tokens of the sale were airdropped too.

The company said that the machines have sold almost 150 beers, per day, since they made their debut last Sunday, which has resulted in profit of nearly 100,000 CVC ($7,600) in sales alone.

According to Bitcoin Exchange Guide, the Civic BD10 Vending Machine enables users to dispense age or identity-gated products. The payment solution is already available with the machine. Each of the machines will come turn-key, plug-and-play and ready to stock with a product. Each machine has a capacity of 150-500 items depending on the size they have.

According to Capilnean, iPhone users with the Civic Pay app downloaded and with a verified identity received enough CVC to buy a beer. Each of the beers had a price of 200 CVC each. When asked about the potential partners, Capilnean declined to provide any more information, but said that the company was talking to several parties.

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