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Augur’s Network Successfully Launched

July 11, 2018 23:33
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Augur, the decentralised prediction platform has successfully launched its own network. Augur has waited patiently under development for over two years, being one of the first Initial Coin Offerings on the Ethereum platform.

Token migration occurred as planned on July 9th, 11:01 Pacific Time (PST).  According to the official blog post of Augur, REP has been minted to 56,338 unique accounts which held REP at the time of migration.


First, the ERC 20 smart contract which was active had to be frozen so that the tokens could migrate successfully to the new smart contract. It took only a few hours as promised.

Most of the exchanges have been asked to update the contract address, and it is of no surprise that the efficient Binance is already one step ahead confirming the update of the address already.

Tom Kysar, head of operations at Forecast Foundation explained the new Augur website with delight, “New users should check out the newly deployed Augur website (augur.net), particularly the ‘Getting Started’ guide. For further experimentation, joining the Augur Discord or Reddit is a great choice as they can interact and learn from other Augur community members.”

Augur platform allows the creation create an event of future occurrences which will then have shares that can be purchased on the probable outcomes. Once the event is confirmed the settlement amount is paid depending on which users have the winning outcome. Thus thanks to Blockchain technology people can use their prediction skills to make money.

With the Fifa Football Worldcup going on, Augur is filled with FIFA related markets.

Augur aims to become a hub for decision making too, which in corporate levels is not very easy and tends to be very important.

Joey Krug, co-founder of Augur, tweeted yesterday, assuring the community of Augur the activeness of the core developer team in fixing errors.


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