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Andhra Pradesh Govt. Signs MoU with Consensys, To Develop Blockchain Centric Education Programmes

March 07, 2018 18:42
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Consensys, a New-York based blockchain startup has signed a MoU with Andhra Pradesh government for setting up of an institute on the blockchain in the state. The part of the MoU states to develop blockchain centric education programmes. The technology will be utilized in the areas of land titling, supply chain, identity platform, electronic health records, etc., in the state.

Kavita Gupta, executive director of ConsenSys said:

“The ConsenSys Academy is a blockchain education platform with the mission of bridging the deep Ethereum knowledge gap and revolutionising education through blockchain technology. Traditional education programs cannot keep up with the rapidly developing pace of Ethereum and blockchain as a whole. There’s a need to continue educating new participants in the blockchain ecosystem.”

Further added: “Blockchain opportunities are naturally aligned with natural democratic systems like India and it is an opportune time for the State of Andhra Pradesh to become a leading destination in Blockchain and provide more power of data and transparency back to people”

As a part of the agreement, the state government will help in the recruitment drive for Consensys Academy pan India and will also provide monetary assistance in building infrastructure and operational costs.

Nara Lokesh, IT Minister at Andhra Pradesh government said: “We believe that Blockchain technology has tremendous potential to revolutionise the way governments, institutions, and corporates function and is on its course to become the new normal. It also has the potential to transform multiple industries and make processes more democratic, secure, transparent, and efficient”

Consensys was founded by Ethereum co-founder three years ago by Joseph Lubin. Over the years it has grown rapidly and has offices all over the world including London, Paris and Dubai.


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