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American Woman Arrested for Providing Cryptocurrency Support to ISIS

November 27, 2018 13:49
Source: Daily Express
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While there is a clamour for more women to join the cryptocurrency movement, it won’t be unfair to say that some women who are a part of the ecosystem are always good actors.

A New York based woman is looking at facing 20 years in prison for supporting the banned and vanquished terror outfit ISIS and for scamming banks to provide monetary support in the form of cryptocurrencies.

The story which was covered by CNBC said that a 27 year old New York resident, admitted of transferring over $150,000 to overseas bank accounts that are owned by people and entities related to ISIS in 2017. What’s more shocking is that she had travelled to countries like Jordan to provide medical help to Syrian refugees who had been injured by relentless ISIS attacks.

The court documents stated that after she returned home, she made a plan to scam eminent banks such as Chase Bank, TD Bank, American Express and Discover. She purchased credit cards from the banks and 10 other banks and purchased cryptocurrencies worth $62,703 in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from crypto exchanges. In addition to that, she also applied for a loan from Bank of Manhattan and managed to obtain as many as $22,500.

After all that, she transferred multiple international wire transfers, quit her job and obtained a Pakistani passport to prepare for another trip to Syria. However, before her plans could come to fruition, she was arrested by federal officers who had been watching her financial activities closely.

The federal officers had inkling of her misdeeds when they tracked her information online and found that she was researching on the terrorist group, its recruiters and financiers, while also being reported of accessing maps for locations along the Turkey-Syria border and cities, which fell under ISIS’ territory, news portal Chepichap reported.

She was arrested last year in July when she was preparing to board a flight to Istanbul. Initially she said she was going to the country on a holiday, but when grilled about the money wire transfers, she gave ‘conflicting and inconsistent’ answers.

After her arrest, she was detained without bail for providing financial support to a foreign terrorist organization which made her liable to face 20 years in prison.

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