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Wikileaks Shop accepts Bitcoin Cash Payment, pushing its price past $500

November 03, 2017 11:38
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Bitcoin Cash, the forked coin from Bitcoin was having a hard time breaking the $350 price. But this week saw some good news come in favour of BCC, which drove it’s price up, only to meet another resistance at $500. Wikileaks Shop yesterday tweeted about the inclusion of Bitcoin Cash as a form of payment, which helped BCC break it’s $500 resistance.

Wikileaks was forced to accept Bitcoin back in 2011 when most of the payment gateways blocked them. Ever since, they’ve included a few more currencies like Litecoin, DASH and Doge. Their latest inclusion is Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash is committed to updating their network with new features whenever necessary, and the first one was detailed in a blog post yesterday. Bitcoin Cash went through a hard fork on November 1 which is to be activated on November 13.

Initially, lower difficulty was set to attract more miners, but this gave rise to higher transaction speeds and the development team believes it has outlived its purpose. That will be replaced with an algorithm which adjusts the difficulty once every 10 minutes based on the computing power provided for mining the last 144 Blocks. The market reacted positively to this news too. The Bitcoin Cash team has been gaining the trust of users with their updates and development.

Bitcoin Cash is currently trading at around $550 with a potential to go to its previous high of $900.


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