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TRON Network Has Now Performed More Transactions Than Bitcoin

TRON has added one more feather to its cap - the number of transactions performed on it has reached higher than the number of transactions on Bitcoin network. Its node count is also at an all-time high.

May 10, 2019 11:24
TRON rising
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2019 is going exceptionally awesome for TRON. The steady stream of good news for this particular blockchain network is not showing any signs of going away. And as a result, its price has been going high ever since the beginning of this year. While it had come in the market to compete particularly with Ethereum, today it has touched a milestone that puts it ahead of Bitcoin as well. The total number of transactions performed on it have surpassed the total number of transactions done on Bitcoin network. And this feat is impressive because what Bitcoin took 10 years to achieve as many transactions as TRON has achieved in less than an year. Clearly, TRON community is ecstatic:

As the usage of TRON is increasing, the number of nodes online in the network is also increasing. Today the node count of TRON is also the highest it has had in many months, with a total of 1,357 nodes online as of now. Not too long ago this count was around 1,100 nodes, which shows that the stability and reach of TRON is increasing with every passing day.

Justin Sun and his team have also undertaken a number of efforts to make TRON an ideal platform for developers. Not only they have launched a number of developer-friendly tools and other resources (i.e. documentation, forums etc.) but also they have brought Tether to their network. The arrival of Tether on TRON blockchain also came with a bang, as within 10 days the supply of USDT tokens on TRON had reached 3.5% of overall supply. What else one would expect from a successful launch?

It will be very interesting to see which other milestones are reached next by TRON.

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