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Tron to be added on Ledger Nano S

June 13, 2018 15:23
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Tron may not have had the attention it wanted for its mainnet launch, but there are many instances where it’s supporters are starting to see the light. Tron’s head, Justin San is a dynamic businessman who knows the right plugs to pull.

The latest move by Tron’s team is being included in the popular hardware wallet, Ledger Nano S.

Ledger Nano S is the go-to resource for serious cryptocurrency traders to store their hard-earned cryptocurrencies. However, Ledger Nano S only supports the more popular and more prominent coins.

Ledger Nano S hinted through Twitter at adding Tron to its limited list of coins it supports.

The hint was dropped by Ledger’s primary Twitter account in a reply by a user on Twitter with the handle @nekorektnirypal.

@nekotektnirypal asked

“@LedgerHQ Can we expect TRX support?”

Ledger’s official Twitter @LedgerHQ responded quickly with an answer that thrilled the Tron community-

“We invite Tron developers to get in touch with us and join our Developer Slack to evaluate the technical complexity related to their new blockchain”

If Tron does get added, it will start to become a cryptocurrency force to reckon with as its credibility in the market will flourish.

The only challenge remains is a creation of a cold storage wallet which gives options to lock tokens and vote. If this becomes successful, Tron will reach to a larger group of investors.

Tron’s next quarter has got investors salivating at Odyssey 2.0, which is currently in the testing stage. Odyssey 2.0 is looking to be the complete turn for Tron to enter several exchanges and investors to start trading in the TRX token.

Justin San has already made headlines this week, following the confirmation of acquiring BitTorrent, the popular P2P sharing platform.

Justin Sun believes in teamwork and has asked for the developers and contributors to support the mainnet launch followed by the events.


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