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Monero confirms support for Ledger Hardware Wallet

April 12, 2018 16:53
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Monero’s lead code maintainer Riccardo Spagni confirmed that hardware wallet Ledger will soon add support for Monero. Spangi announced this while speaking at the Doug Polk Podcast on April 9th.

Ledger is the largest hardware wallet manufacturer in the world. They had raised $75 Million in January this year to ramp up the production and meet the demand for these wallets.

“We are on Ledger already if you’ve got the dev kit” said Riccardo Spangi. “I saw some commits happening today to fix a couple of small issues. I’d hope that probably alongside the Monero 0.12.1 release, there will be official Ledger support.”

In fact, on March 30th, Spangi had tweeted a photo of Monero running on Ledger Wallet.

There’s been a lot of focus on Monero lately ever since they announced a fork to remain ASIC resistant. After mining giant Bitmain announced ASIC miners for Monero, the Monero core team updated their mining algorithm making the miners void. Multiple forks were created in this process which include Monero Classic and Monero Original.

Speaking about support for Monero on Ledger’s competition, Trezor, Spagni said “I believe the Trezor guys are working on it. I’ve heard rumours of it. I think that Ledger has kind of blazed the way, there is a lot of stuff that Trezor can suck in from that.” He also said that the Monero community might be building their own hardware wallet. “There is also a group within the Monero community that’s building its own hardware wallet, which I believe is based on the Trezor schematics, if memory serves.”


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