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Alt Coins

ABCC Exchange Becomes First Platform to List TRC10 Tokens

ABCC Exchange, a digital asset exchange has announced its partnership with TRON (TRX) to support the TRON ecosystem and list its tokens based on...
Logos of BitTorrent and Tron

Ex-BitTorrent Employee Claims TRON Can’t Handle the Volume of BTT, BitTorrent Team Responds

Simon Morris, an ex-BitTorrent employee, recently took on TRON and said that the network can’t handle BTT’s transaction volume. BitTorrent team has responded by stating that Morris doesn’t know how far things have come!

Crypto Market Experiences the First Crash of 2019, All Leading Cryptocurrencies Down by Over...

The crypto market just experienced the first crash of year, 2019 with all the leading cryptocurrencies are down by over 10 per cent and...

A New Project Developed for Altcoins is Generating One-Fifth of Bitcoin’s Daily Transaction Volume

A new blockchain project called VeriBlock is generating as much as 20% of daily Bitcoin transaction volume. And that is when this project is still in the testnet.
Bye to Monero

Monero Being Accepted on Fortnite Store Was Accidental: Epic Games CEO

The CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, has said that Monero being accepted at Fortnite Store was an accidental development. The announcement has erased almost half of the spike that came in Moneros price after the good news.

Crypto Weekly Byte: Market Trading Stable, Expected to Reach to Higher Levels

For the crypto market, the first week of the year 2019 was not much eventful as all leading coins continued to trade stable and...

Cardano Most Actively Developed Cryptocurrency in 2018, Bitcoin at 52nd Spot

If you are thinking, cryptocurrencies with higher values or the ones that are actively traded are the most technologically updated coins, then you are wrong. In...

TRON to Focus on Blockchain Gaming in 2019 for Boosting Growth

It seems that blockchain gaming is going to be a major focal point for TRON in 2019. Latest developments seem to suggest so.
Jed McCaleb

90% of Crypto Projects Are BS, Stellar Marketed Poorly: Stellar Co-Founder Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb recently termed 90% of crypto projects, including TRON, as BS and garbage in an interview. He also spoke about a number of other issues.
Bitcoin Private logo

Bitcoin Private Allegedly Created 2 Million Tokens for Founders, Hard Fork Under Work to...

Bitcoin Private, the privacy altcoin created after a fork from Bitcoin and Zclassic, reportedly created 2 million tokens out of thin air for its founders. The price of token has plunged significantly after the expose, and now a fork is underway.

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