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Airbus Digital Transformation Office Vice President Joins IOTA Foundation Advisory Board

July 25, 2018 11:16
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The trend of unicorn executies joining crypto companies is continuing from a steady pace. The latest candidate to take this trend forward is Anes Hodžić of Airbus Group. Anes is Vice President of Digital Transformation and Internet of Things division at Digital Transformation Office of Airbus. Now, however, he also has a new role on his plate as he has joined IOTA Foundation’s advisory board too.

The news of his joining was announced recently by IOTA Foundation itself in a Medium post. The post says that during his tenure at Airbus Group Anes was responsible for leading the engineering of electric and self-driving cars and also served as a member of Board of Directors. Therefore, his experience in digital transformation of major enterprises with deep expertise in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can be very valuable to IOTA Foundation.


“His experience with digital transformation within big industrial companies coupled with his deep expertise in the field of Industrial Internet-of-Things will be a great asset for the Foundation in the IIoT.”

Anes joined Airbus in 2017 after a 12 years long journey with Bosch. At Bosch he advanced from an R&D Trainee to General Manager of Connected Services business unit. According to IOTA Foundation’s announcement he has experience in automotive, telecom, consumer electronics and aerospace sectors.

And given below is what Anes himself had to say about his decision to join IOTA:

“Future cross-industrial deployment of Industrial Internet of Things use-cases requires innovation solutions for data exchange, transactions management, and process traceability. Distributed ledger technology (DLT) provided by IOTA and its recent developments, can be an important game changer for novel business models and IoT enabled use-cases, focusing on providing value-add in industrial context and beyond.

It is my pleasure to join the advisory board of IOTA foundation. I’m looking forward to help IOTA team driving the revolution of IIoT by enabling disruptive industrial use-cases and new big data driven business models.”

IOTA has had many things going its way in this week. Its token has been listed by Chinese cryptocurrency exchange FCoin, and it has also emerged as the winner of automotive industry’s major Start-up Autobahn pitch event conducted in Stuttgart. The event was attended by 30 startups of more than 13 countries, and it had industry bigshots like Mercedes and Porsche in presence. The award winning presentation of event, entitled “Innovative blockchain and automotive solutions”, was given by Alisa Mass on behalf of IOTA team. Besides that, the company also entered in new partnerships with several organizations and NGOs within this week. It’s expected that all these events will combinely lead to price of IOTA going high.

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