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ABCC Exchange Becomes First Platform to List TRC10 Tokens

January 16, 2019 16:15
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ABCC Exchange, a digital asset exchange has announced its partnership with TRON (TRX) to support the TRON ecosystem and list its tokens based on TRC10 and TRC20 technical standard. ABCC Exchange, the world’s ninth largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume has announced about the partnership through a tweet.

According to Tron’s guide for developers, TRC10 is a technical token supported by TRON blockchain natively, without TRON Virtual Machine (TVM). Whereas, TRC20 technical standard is used for smart contracts on the TRON Blockchain for implementing tokens with TVM and is fully compatible with ERC20.

Justin Sun also confirmed the development via Twitter.

Back in December last year, Tron founder Justin Sun through a tweet announced that he will be building a fund to rescue Ethereum and EOS developer, in what he called the collapse of the respective platform and help to migrate to Tron blockchain.

But the view was countered by BitTorrent CSO, Simon Morris and has expressed doubts whether the TRON blockchain can handle the transaction volume that the popular transaction volume will demand. Morris said:

“The transactional capacity we were looking at was needing hundreds of transactions a second just to get started. It’s simply not there. You hear all the bullshit out there, oh, this does 10,000 transactions a second. It’s all crap. We were going to melt Tron. Literally, destroy it.”

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