9 Oct, 2019

NEO Analysis

NEO has been receiving a lot of attention lately. In fact, NEO is the only major Coin which is performing pretty well in the Bear Market. It recently crossed a milestone of $150. NEO was just around 20 cents the same time last year. That’s a jump of nearly 75,000%

Early last year, NEO went through a huge change, where they rebranded themselves and got their act together. Ever since, they’ve been making good progress and have been actively engaging with the community. NEO is pretty similar to Ethereum and can be used to process smart contracts. NEO is seen as a real alternative to Ethereum. Also, NEO makes use of a Proof of Stake instead of Proof of Work. Due to this, transactions are instantaneous, and free to transmit.Ad

Against BTC, NEO reached an all-time high of 0.0151 BTC before a small fall. It just touched the first support of 0.0138BTC. The next support is way below at 0.012BTC. If you’re looking to get into BTC, buy in at the current prices and sell a major share at 0.015BTC. NEO is a good coin to hold for the long-term.